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10 Things Women Find Attractive About Men.


No jokes, women love good looking men. But for most of us, it’s not enough for a man to be good looking. Sometimes, we can’t articulate what we want. We just know it when we see it. It’s the reason why it seems like rich men always get the women… especially self-made men. And this is simply because of the way nature is set up. More often than not, that kind of man has gone through experiences that ensure strength of character on his journey to self-actualization. So, let’s get down to the 10 things women find attractive about men.

1. Good grooming

I can never say this enough. We love it when you take care of yourself. Look good, smell good. Also, bearded gang is not by force, If it’s not full and flourishing, don’t sweat it. You don’t have to be into fashion or the latest trends. But if you at least make an effort, especially on a date or an event, this will mean a lot to us because it shows that you care about yourself enough to look good. Huge tip: Senator Kaftans.

Just see how they’re tensioning us. They look good and they know it.

2. Confident men

It’s in the way you carry yourself especially around other men. It’s important for women to see that even if other men don’t necessarily like you, they at least respect you. The way you manage stress or confrontation is important too. This gives us the feeling that you can handle things. And we might not like to admit it but it is a delicious feeling to be with a man who knows how to handle his business. We need to know that we can trust you in sensitive situations and that you’re confident about the decisions that you make. It’s also really important for us to know that you’re not intimidated by our career progression and won’t try to hold us back when we’re trying to move forward.

3. Men with good sense of Humor

We want to know that you have a positive, fun and cheerful approach to life. We love a guy with a sense of humor, it’s a plus if you can make us laugh more than you piss us off. We want to have fun when we are with you. We want to be sure that you can handle our playful side, play right back and that you can take a joke.


4. Testosterone and Good Physic

Men who work out or engage in physical or sporting activity, especially contact sports… at least a few days in a week are naturally more attractive. There is something about contact sports that enhances masculinity. Also, being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle says a lot about you. For starters, it shows discipline and follow-through for the things that are important to you.


5. Easy going personality

For us, it’s not so much about what you say as how you say it. There is a thin line between friendly and creepy. The key to communication is how you listen and respond. If you’re approachable, easy to talk to but able to have healthy boundaries then that’s great because we need to know that even though you’re easy going, you’re not available to everybody.

6. Similar Interests

This is very important for attraction but very underrated. When you have a lot in common, there is automatically lots to talk about and do together. For me, I love movies and cartoons and I enjoy going to the cinema and it’s amazing to meet a guy with this kind of interest because this means that we don’t have to force a conversation and there is already things we can do together. So, it just flows.


7. Men who provide security

This is age-old and today’s feminism hasn’t completely eradicated this. We want to feel safe with you. It’s not about merely physical security, but also emotional security as well. At a point, we want to know that if we stay with you, we will be secure. It’s important to us that you know this and are willing to provide us with security. We need to know that you won’t take us for granted, waste our time or make decisions that will affect us negatively if we gave you a chance. We basically need to be able to trust you.

8. Passionate and adventurous

Passion is infectious and we feel it on a vibratory level. We love a man who is passionate about life and about his work or at least about his hobbies. This kind of man EXPERIENCES life, he doesn’t run from it or just go through the motions. His fear-to-risk ratio is just enough that he is not afraid to try new things or have new experience but also knows when to be careful. It’s so attractive when a man wants to see and do new things and is able to quickly adapt to change.

9. Show emotion

We love it when men share how they really feel and it shows maturity as well. Because a grown woman knows that as a normal healthy human being, you feel different emotions at different times. Not sharing them with her means that she’s not that important to you or you could be sharing them with someone else that you trust.

10. Liking children

Men who are comfortable with children are more relatable. It’s really important to us that you like children and they like you back. Children are very special and they can sense things in a way that adults can’t. So, when I see a man that can have a conversation with a child in a way that tells me that he is comfortable with that child and the child trusts him, then that’s a big plus for him.

Bonus tips…

Eye contact

This is an open secret. It’s so sexy when you look us in the eyes and gently talk to us. You can get a woman’s attention sooner than later with this tip.

This works like magic.

Knowing how to cook.

This is impressive and also a huge relief for us as well because the modern woman wants to know that if for some reason, she’s not available to cook your meals, you can still take care of yourself. It’s a huge plus if sometimes, when you get home before her, you prepare something instead of waiting for her to come back (just as tired as you are… to wait on you). Little things mean a lot to us.

On a lazy Sunday, the nakeder, the better. Ok let me come and be going 😊😄

These are the 10 things women find attractive about men, plus bonus tips! Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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