Your intuition is how you spiritually interpret the energy around you. It is your ability to understand something automatically without the need for conscious reasoning. This is not the same as instinct, which is typically a response to a certain stimuli. Your intuition is your 6th sense. It can manifest itself as a quiet voice or it could be a feeling you have or a vision in your dream. Your intuition is like an inner compass that tells you when something is or isn’t right.


At the core or our being, we are spiritual. This means that we are energy. So, we are emitting and transmitting what we think, say and do on an energetic level and we are also picking up on other people’s feelings, thoughts and activities as well.

In reality, this means that we are all connected.  When we really pay attention, we become aware of a reality beyond the 5 senses. Young children and pets are more in touch with their intuition than adults. So, if you want to know if a person has good or bad intentions, put them in the same room with a child below 7 years or a pet (preferably a dog). Their reaction to this person is hardly ever wrong.


Personally, on my journey, I’ve discovered that most of the trouble I found myself in were as a direct result of ignoring my intuition about a person, situation or place. This is because we have been conditioned to ignore what we can’t perceive with our 5 senses, often to our own detriment. So, I had to learn to listen to it. I read some self-help books but really, I had to learn to pause, pray and check how I feel about a situation or a person before moving forward.

Now it has developed to the point where I can feel and interpret the energy of a person or a place on initial contact. If anything manages to escape my notice, I dream about it. We all have this gift because we are spiritual beings at our core. All we need to do is develop it. So, here are 7 simple ways that I use to develop and maintain my intuitive perception.

1. Vibrate higher.

By this, I mean, guard your heart diligently because all things concerning you flow from it. We so often underestimate the immense power of peace and happiness. For the most of us, they are just words we say. But we usually don’t feel them as much as we should. Feeling them puts us in a state where we are naturally above the influence of negative energy and more likely to receive warnings, messages and good tidings.

2. Pay attention to sudden feelings.

The first impression we have about a person is not always right. People are very skilled at putting up facades of what they want us to see. But within 15 minutes of meeting a person, you can already tell if you’re ok with their energy or not. Notice if you feel excited or drained, safe or threatened, good or normal. Notice if you feel like this person sees you as a competition. These feelings are never wrong. Try not to ignore them just because a person has a friendly smile or always has insightful things to say. In my experience, those kinds of people usually turn out to be very troubled individuals.


3. Notice your body’s reaction.

Our bodies communicate with us more than we realize and it’s really just a manifestation of what we feel in our spirit. Sometimes, a person’s carefully scripted behavior will make you think that they can be trusted. But if something in their voice or the way they look at you makes your skin crawl, or you feel drained whenever you’re around them, then that’s your intuition warning you to be careful. You really don’t want to wait till something happens before you have justification to stay away from people whose intentions towards you are not clear or pure.


4. Make a habit of reflecting on your day.

Before I go to bed at night, or even first thing in the morning the next day, I make it a point to go over my day and the people I met. I let my spirit interpret my interaction with them (by this, I mean, I think about a person or situation and objectively discern how my spirit feels about them). You’ll be very surprised the insight you’ll gain when you think back on your day.

There are so many things that our conscious mind misses, but our subconscious (spirit) picks up on. When you do this often, you will notice patterns or red flags that will help you avoid problems in your daily interactions. Please note that you don’t do this with your mind/brain. You do this with your spirit. You will know the difference when you’ve done it at least a couple of times.

5. Ask questions, then watch and listen to the answers.

People usually aren’t prepared for questions, especially in that first meeting. Politically and socially correct behavior causes us to limit initial interactions to bare necessities and allows people stick to their social script. But I’ve discovered that asking simple follow up questions when a person introduces themselves allows you to catch them in a little vulnerability and get a more authentic feel of who they really are. This way, you can learn more about them outside of their carefully scripted social persona.

6. Pay attention to your dreams.

Dreams are very telling and are a huge indicator of how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. How this works for me is that I think about a person for a few minutes before I sleep. More often than not, when I sleep, I will dream something that tells me how this person feels about me or if this person has good intentions for me, or if this person is meant to be in my life. This usually happens when I meet someone for the first time and they make an impression on me.

This is not a special gift because we are all capable it this. We only need to develop it. I once dated someone who always looked like a fool in my dreams and it took me a while to realize that what I saw in my dreams actually showed in his behavior and the way he carried himself.


7. Don’t fight your intuition.

A lot of us are very guilty of this. When you get a feeling in your gut like a warning to stay away, or a prompting to make a move now, don’t hesitate or try to fight it by coloring it with wishful thinking or allowing your mind talk you into why it isn’t reasonable to feel the way you feel. Because fighting it is where a lot of us get into serious trouble.


It is so limiting to experience life based on the 5 senses alone. What we see, feel, touch, smell, and taste are only a fraction of what we are capable of sensing as human spirits. Your intuition is constantly looking out for you and has your best interest. You’ll avoid a lot of problems if you learn to listen to it, but it will stop communicating with you if you continue to ignore it.


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


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