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It is my complete believe that once you understand ‘death’ and the ‘afterlife’, your life and the events that occur in it will make sense to you because there will be so much you’ll come to understand. This understanding will show in how you carry yourself and how you live your life moving forward.

Sadly, man fears death. Because since the beginning of time death has been shrouded in ominous mystery. It is even said that there is an angel of death that comes to take us away when our time has come. This ‘angel’ is described as a very scary creature who is also very impersonal about it. But in reality, what we call death is only a passing on from this world/level of consciousness to a higher or lower level of consciousness, depending on how we have lived our lives on earth. By ‘higher or lower level of consciousness’, I don’t mean simply the concept of Heaven or Hell. The afterlife is much more wondrous and complex than that.

The mystery surrounding death.

The mystery surrounding death is as a result of people not understanding it and not knowing what to expect when their time comes. The most popular literature available come from the different religious bodies who all have slightly different beliefs from one another. Sadly, all these views only have a tiny bit of truth in them and hardly cover what death is really about and what happens afterwards. Apart from not knowing what happens to us when we pass on, it is very shocking to watch anyone die. It makes you think about your life and forces you to bring the most important things into perspective. There are so many facets to passing on and I cannot talk about all of them in this post. However, I’ll write about them in subsequent posts as I’m guided to.

My motivation for this post.

It took losing my only brother, whom I loved so dearly for me to face death and understand what it really is. My brother had a long fight with cancer. Towards the end, I began to ask questions like, ‘What will happen to him when he dies’? ‘Will I actually never see him again’? ‘How are we going to survive not having him in our lives anymore’?

I prayed about this silently and the answers began to reveal themselves to me in the form of dreams and books. I must say these books are not easy to find, but I was led to stumble upon them. When the time came for him to go, by the grace of The Almighty God, I was able to make his passing easier. I did this by telling him some of the things I had learned and letting him know that he was going to be fine. I was also able to help my family heal through the things that were revealed to me.

The truth about death.

The truth about death is that it is simply a transition from this world to the next. It is a natural occurrence that must happen to everyone. It is only the flesh that dies. The spirit lives on. In fact, the spirit is very much alive. So much so that if you have a close connection with someone that has passed on, and you haven’t closed your mind and spirit off from them by believing that they are in some eternal sleep or otherwise separated from you, they will come to you in your dreams and other surprising means until you have healed enough to let them go. Also, just because you let them go doesn’t mean that you have forgotten them or that they have forgotten you for that matter. It just means that you have accepted that they are no longer physically here.

What happens when we die?

Death happens in so many different ways but to simplify things in this first post, I’ll be writing about death from long illness or old age. This type of death is usually a blessing where the person, due to their condition, has had some time to reflect on their lives. So basically, I’ll be writing on the death of a ‘good person’ who believes in the Almighty God and shows this believe in their words, thoughts and actions. So, what happens when we die?

At the time of passing on, the first thing the person experiences is a deep peace and lightness of ‘body’ that they have never experienced before. There are usually spirits beings present, who have passed on and who are familiar to the person passing on. These beings can be the person’s friend, parent or sibling, who passed on before them. They could also be spirit beings who have made it their job/duty to help those passing into the spirit world. They are there to help make the passing easier for the ‘dying’ person and basically welcome them into the spirit world. There is no angel of death as they’re described in movies. Just good spirits who have passed on, who most likely have an affinity to the person passing on and who, in helping this spirit ‘settle down’ are also improving their own spiritual wellbeing.

The spirit’s adjustment after death.

The spirit is then taken by his/her familiars, from the earth plane to a plane that is synonymous with the person’s spiritual development. On this plane, they are acquainted with the fact that they have passed on and that there is nothing to fear. They are also, familiarized with their spiritual bodies and surroundings. Subsequently, they are allowed to attend their burial, where the prayers said for them are very beneficial to them and they literally see and feel the effects of the prayers as they are said. The burial is also an eye opener for them about the people they knew in life. Knowing that all is not lost and that they can actually communicate with their loved ones makes them really happy. They are shown how to reveal themselves to their loved ones in the dream plane. (the loved ones that are spiritually receptive)

The Judgement.

Everything we do has a reword; good or bad. The reckoning always comes and every one of us must undergo judgement and it happens soon after we pass on. During this judgement, the newly passed spirit is shown everything about their earth lives. Where they went wrong, what they did right and what they have to do to atone. After this, they must begin the journey of atoning and redeeming themselves.

We will all go through this because we must work out our salvation. Fear not though, because it is not as scary as you might think. The good deeds of these spirits always manifest in ways that help them overcome the burdens of the bad deeds. They will meet spirits that they have helped before, (when they were on earth) who will be happy see them again, including people they forgot they helped. They will be helped by and feel the prayers and warm wishes of these people. These things go a long way in helping the spirit on their journey.

Because these spirits are generally good spirits, who believe in the Almighty God, and showed this as much as they could in their life time by their words, thoughts and actions, they will typically be in a ‘good place’. This good place is not Heaven though. In any case, it will take a good spirit about a 100 of earth years, give or take a few, to work their way into Paradise. This is because the law is that before we go home to Paradise, we must become ‘perfect’. At the time of death, though these spirits are ‘good’, they are not perfect and must ‘work out their salvation’.


Nobody can be perfect on earth, no matter how good they are. This is because the situation on earth since the beginning of time, is one wroth with a general unrest. On earth, there is a lot of insecurity, subjugation and segregation, not to mention murder and mayhem. These situations will definitely put even the best people in emotional and mental states that can make them think, say or even do the wrong thing. The perfect man can only be a product of perfect surroundings. Such surroundings are never on earth.

Paradise and the good place.

The ‘good place’, which is not Paradise, is a most beautiful and wondrous place. It is a place that is most synonymous to the person’s deepest desires of what ‘paradise’ is to them. Even then, it is a thousand times more beautiful than the most beautiful places on earth. The newly passed spirit is shown its wonders, people, houses, mansions, libraries, museums and its events (yes plays, shows, musicals and wondrous gatherings).

This beautiful landscape is nothing compared to the beauty and splendor of the regions of light in the spirit world. The joy and happiness of the people in those region have never been experienced here on earth.

They often spend a long time enjoying this place till they yearn for something more. It is after this that they are introduced to various ‘joyful activities’, which mostly involves, among other things, helping other spirits who are in lower regions of the spirit world and who are ready to rise from those regions by atoning for their deeds. They also have hobbies and they can have as many as they want. By doing these joyful activities, the spirit is improving in wisdom, purity and knowledge and steadily working their way upwards to Paradise.

The general condition of spirits.

Spirits never get tired because they are no longer encumbered by this physical body and its numerous limitations. They never feel sick or hungry and they are not restricted by space and time. This means that movement in the spirit world is only a matter of thinking about where they want to go and they’re there. There is also no concept of time. This is the reason for the popular saying, ‘a thousand years on earth is but one day…’ So, they can go on and on with joyful activities and hobbies, only taking the occasional break.

Meanwhile, everything we do on earth is inspired by the spirit world. From music to technology. You can also imagine that the bad deeds are inspired by the lower planes and the good deeds by the higher planes and spirits in the spirit world. This is why even while we are still in this world, we have to guard our thoughts jealously. We have to be careful where we go and who we associate with.

In conclusion

The Almighty God in His infinite mercies, has put everything in creation for the progress of mankind. The ease of passing on is simply one of them. Just like Paradise is reserved for those who have worked out their salvation to perfection, the deepest part of Hell is reserved for the very worst human beings and human spirits. People who have truly wroth destruction in their wake; people like Hitler or Idi Amin. Those who do not believe in The Almighty God and/or do not believe in life after death will not have it good either (they will be blind and deaf and will be
shrouded in darkness) because in truth, we create our own reality, in this world and the next.

I have demystified death as much as I can in one post as I didn’t want this post to drag long and bore you. Life is as beautiful as we make it. But the real rewards are in the afterlife and those rewards are more real than anything we do here and anything we can ever imagine. If you could only catch a glimpse of the afterlife as I have, you will not fear death and when your time comes to leave this world, you will be grateful for your time here. You will also be happy that it is over and you can move ahead on your spiritual journey to Paradise.

Do not pity the dead, pity the living. Above all, pity those without love in their hearts- Albus Dumbledore

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